What is Island Start?

What is Island Start?

Welcome to the Island Start first post

Are you ever overwhelmed with an abundance of choices?  So am I!  Regardless of this feeling, I am going through with the Island Start first post!

Sitting there, you think of a list of possibilities.  Only then do you realize there are more possibilities.  Then when you think you’ve thought of it all, you forget where you started!

I know the feeling!  Guess how many hours went into picking this domain name?  Far too many.  And at this point, I’m still not sure that I like it.  But you know what?  I have more time to choose another name.  In the meantime, I can get to the most important part of a blog — the content!  

Let's go!

What will this content consist of? 

To start, I will write what I know about.  I take some things for granted and sometimes assume that there is no more value to add.  However, each of us has our own unique perspective on things.  That perspective doesn’t have to help every  person on the planet, it need only help you!

As I was preparing this, a supervisor asked me to provide some additional to one of our new guys at work.  Topics requested include engineering design, professional engineering licensing, test engineer qualification, and guidance on selecting a path through our company’s rotation program.  These topics seem related, but each is a separate path that involves a lot of time commitment.  

The easy part of nuclear engineering

In my industry, nuclear power generation and testing, mentoring is a common activity.  Every day you will find people asking for “checkouts.”  It’s a simple process because it is structured and often contains the same elements.  

First, the person asking for the checkout is doing so because they are trying to obtain a qualification.  The qualification signifies that this person has demonstrated the fundamental knowledge required to perform a specific advanced function in the power plant.  Such qualifications require knowledge in a variety of topics, so there is a “qualification card” with a list of these topics.  The card signer may ask about specific reactor manual details.  But what is more beneficial is to discover how well the candidate understands why things work the way they do.  In the end, the card has another signature, and everyone walks away happy. 

Life isn’t so easy as to come pre-packaged with a checklist of things required for success.  Instead, we face an endless array of possibilities.

A blog defined

This is IslandStart.  It is picking a direction and going.  We do this despite the feeling of being on an unfamiliar island with no sense of direction.  There is a desire to leave, but by which way?  There might be some clues that you find.  Perhaps you’ll hear a story about the best direction to take, only to then hear of another story encouraging the exact opposite path.

To be honest, I’m not certain I want others to find this blog.  Since I can’t pre-load success into this venture, it is humbling to generate the Island Start first post.  I want to write about several things, but for now, I’m going to start with the following:

  • Improving memory
  • Shift work
  • The Fundamentals of Engineering Exam
  • Obtaining a Professional Engineering License
  • Careers in engineering
  • Seeking higher education

While I’m writing about these things, I will also be learning.  I am old enough to have designed websites using an HTML editor, but things have changed since then, so I have much to learn!

I owe thanks to these established bloggers for getting me to this point:

What will follow the Island Start first post?

We’ll see.  It is my hope to develop myself, the new guy, and anyone else that needs a hand.  In a world of many choices, decisions are difficult, and starting becomes harder than ever.  So I will do my best to demonstrate how it can be done.

Tell me, what choices are you pondering now?

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